R-alldata offers you professional data recovery services when your data is no longer accessible. We recover data from almost all types of storage media, operating systems and applications.


Hard Drives :  Examples of Data Loss Situations       

  • Computer won't boot

  • Inaccessible drives and partitions

  • Applications that are unable to run or load data

  • Corrupted data

  • Virus

  • Hard disk component failure

  • Hard disk crashes

  • Media surface contamination and damage

  • Accidental reformatting of partitions

  • Accidental deletion of data

  • The drive is locked; the password is unknown.

  • Firmware corruption; drive is recognizes by its factory alias (example for

          Maxtor Drives : Ares, Athena, N40p)


RAID Servers: Examples of Data Loss Situations

  • RAID Controller failure

  • Multiple drive failure

  • Accidental replacement of media components

  • Accidental reformatting of drives or whole array

  • Array configuration lost

SQL, Oracle Databases: Examples of Data Loss Situations

  • Corrupted database files

  • Deleted data (tables, records, system objects)

  • Deleted or corrupted log file

  • Database locked as 'suspect' preventing access

  • Unable to restore from corrupted backup file

Removable Media: (Diskettes, CD, DVD, Zip, Flash etc.)

We provide expert data recovery and restoration services for Diskettes, CD, DVD, digital film media and flash memory storage products.


File Recovery: Sometimes data loss occurs with one or more files, and does not involve the failure of the entire data storage device. Files can become inaccessible due to inadvertent deletion, software incompatibility or corruption, power-related problems, etc.

We provide extensive file recovery and restoration services for data loss involving many different file types (the following is only a partial list):

  • Word File Recovery (DOC)

  • Excel File Retrieval (XLS)

  • PowerPoint File Recovery (PPT)

  • Access Database Files (MDB)

  • Outlook Email Retrieval (PST)

  • Exchange Mailbox Restoration (OST)

  • Photo & Image Files (JPG / JPEG, GIF, RAW, TIFF, BMP)

  • Video & Audio Files (MPG / MPEG, AVI, MOV, WAV, WMV, MP3)

  • dBase Files (DBF)


Specialized Services We Offer:


Fragmented data recovery:

We provide expert data recovery on fragmented data of commercial software databases when “do-it-yourself” data recovery tools failed, and which are perceived by the other data recovery companies as impossible task.


Recovering fragmented data of software databases is proprietary process of our engineers. We perform this process usually for common used commercial software databases in Turkey like LBS, ETA, NETSIS, VEGA, and DATASOFT. Our engineers can also adapt this process for any software databases being used on the world.


Data Conversion:

(Convert BTOS/CTOS to PC formats):  We can convert TheOS BTOS/CTOS data records to PC format. Your data from old technology can be migrated to new technology within a wide range of data storage media and formats.  





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